Dry Ice extraction is
Fast - Less than 5 minutes
Easy - Simple to do
Fun - It's like a magic trick

This fantastic technique is revolutionizing how professionals make hash. It's fast and simple to do - and the results are incredible.

"Thank you for the good priced bag and fast shipment!"

"Fantastic product! Without dry ice, but putting in freezer works wonders, also!!"

"very fast shipping and very good quality, thank you"

-Actual Flashbag customer reviews. See more testimonials

Dry Ice is a solid form of CO2 - the gas you exhale when you breathe. It's extreme cold temperature allows quick and easy separation of crystals from plant matter.

Flashbag is available in 150 micron and 200 micron screen size for more control during extraction.

Flashbag 200 Micron Bag - Learn more
Flashbag 150 Micron Bag - Learn more

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Flashbag is designed specifically for the dry ice extraction method. This revolutionary method for extraction is changing the way professionals make extracts.

Dry Ice extraction is fast, easy, and produces the finest quality material. This relatively new technique is revolutionizing how professionals make hash.

Would you like to have quality hash in as little as 5 minutes? You can with Flashbag.
  • Quick to use
  • Easy to use
  • Little clean-up
  • No toxic chemicals required
  • Made in the USA
  • Super durable

Flashbag has no PVC coating. Low quality cheaply-assembled "made in china" bags use PVC coatings that flake off into your hash after only a few uses. Why risk exposing yourself to toxic materials made in a country with little regulation and a record of poisoning consumer materials?

Flashbag is manufactured in the USA by experts in the filter industry and is assembled of the highest quality materials.

Beginning to see why experts around the world are switching over to the revolutionary system? What are you waiting for?

Cleaning instruction:
Wash Flashbag with warm water and air dry
Machine wash warm water with mild detergent. Do not bleach!
Air dry

Use this Dry Ice Search to find a dry ice retailer near you!

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